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December 30, 2012


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We said farewell to 2012 by visiting Capitola, CA for one more day at the beach. This is one of the nice beach towns we like to visit and found the beach to be quite different this time. The beach was covered in sea pebbles and lots of wood from fallen trees. The kids had a good time looking for interesting treasures amongst the debris.



December 27, 2012

Beautiful Beach Boy

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A break in the poor rainy weather and we had to hit the beach !

December 16, 2012

Day out w/ Thomas

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Our friends Colin and Liam invited us to join them on a day out with Thomas, you know Thomas, the tank engine…


The boys had a great time and we got access to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. There were a number of activities for the boys, cookie decorating, face painting, tattoos, and an arcade that Etienne just would not leave !


The train ride was really very enjoyable.


There were a number of bridges and tunnels that we passed under and through.

There was even a surprise on board !


After the train ride we got to exchange a coupon for some arcade tokens and Etienne and Liam had a blast playing all the games and riding on the carousel.


December 15, 2012

Fireman Santa & Gingerbread Home Makeover

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We visited our local fire station again this year to see the fire trucks and firemen up close and get a chance to meet Santa.


We had to convince both Etienne and Cezanne that it was safe to stand next to the fireman in all his gear. Grandma needed to hold Cezanne’s hand and be in the photos, but Etienne was fine to stand on his own after we told him it was “ok”.


It was a rather long wait to get a turn to sit with Santa and eventually both kids got a bit tired of posing for photos so we needed to use tickle tactics to extract smiles and laughs from both kids.

When we got home we did our annual Gingerbread decorating and this year each child had their own house to decorate.


October 14, 2012

Annual Apple Picking

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We have now made an annual fall apple picking outing a bit of a tradition. This year we tried a farm closer to home that Lanelle found. We tried Gabriel Farm and really enjoyed it. They were a small independent farm but provided us with just what we needed, trees and apples to pick !


October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch w/ Twins

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Lanelle met a mother of twin girls on a walk around the neighborhood and the girls and Etienne have had a couple of play dates. We took the kids to a local pumpkin patch on what turned out to be a really cold and miserable day, but that also meant we had the whole patch to ourselves.





October 6, 2012

P A R T Y ! I am 3 !!

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Etienne turned 3 on September 22, but we waited until October the 6th to have his party. This gave him a bit more time at his new school to get familiar with his classmates who we then invited to the party. We also had other friends along for all of the fun. We had the party at My Gym and they did a really good job with a mix of kids ( from 3 to 6 years old ). Happy Birthday Etienne !!

September 9, 2012

Blue Sky, Blue Sea

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We took the kids to Sausalito just north of San Francisco so that we could ride the ferry boat that connects Sausalito and San Francisco. It was a clear blue sky day and we all had a great time. Etienne loved the big boat and being outside. Just another fun day out and about !

August 9, 2012

Etienne can swim ?

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After a couple of lessons during the summer, Etienne is now pretty sure he can swim, with and without his green arm bands. He likes the “wings” because he can just float but if you take them off then he can dive and boy does he love to dive… He has NO FEAR of the water and with his new goggles he is aqua-man !


The boy is a fish, or is the fish a boy ? Hard to tell when he is in water !


We tried to get some sunsets over the desert photos but there was so much swimming we just never got around to it. The one night we tried the local state park had already closed so all we could manage was these photos along the road side…

August 8, 2012

Arizona Aquarium

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While on vacation in Arizona we had to escape the heat during the middle of each day. On one of these days we went to a local mall to see the aquarium that was part of the mall. Etienne found the fish and other sea life very interesting.


Lanelle and the kids in various poses around the aquarium.


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