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September 1, 2012

No more dummy !

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Etienne finally kicked the habit ! He gave up his dummy and as a reward the Dummy Fairy brought him a great big fire truck !

We had been through the list of what we might do to encourage him to give up the dummy, we thought it was going to be a fight, in the end he pretty much just gave it up on his own and the reward from the Dummy Fairy was just a nice little treat for something he had already done ! Thanks for making it so easy Etienne !

November 8, 2010

Etienne stands and walks !

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This weekend Etienne mastered the skill of getting up on his feet from a seated position with out help from either of us or a near by support. Now if he does hold your had while walking the walk is more of a run. I am sure that before long walking will be replaced by just running ! Oh happy day…

October 27, 2010

Etienne Starts Walking !

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Just a very quick post to mark the calendar, this weekend Etienne really figured out walking. He had been showing signs that he was ready but he really found his stride this weekend and was able to walk between objects that were 10 to 15 yards apart without falling. If he was on his way to something he could go even further ! I did try take some photos and will post those when I get a chance…

October 13, 2010

My big sister is good for…

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…getting me out of these expensive shoes, and the pesky socks I am forced to wear !

Etienne is even more of an African boy wanting to be barefoot all the time. With walking just around the corner we needed to get him a good first pair of shoes which due to his massive feet, needed to be special ordered. Well the special elephant shoes arrived and Etienne is now the proud owner of a pair of Tsukihosi shoes…

It would be wonderful to see him wear them for more than a few minutes at a time !

October 9, 2010

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Etienne has now discovered his ride on toys and while he is not quite tall enough to really ride them, his toes makeĀ just enough contact to scoot himself forward. I took this picture so that in the future when all the picture I do take are a blur as he speeds by, I can look back at this one and remember how slow he once was…


Lunch and Dinner at our house is now done at the kids tableĀ – Etienne no longer stands for the high chair for anything other than breakfast. He feeds himself very well ( when he is hungry ) and shows us very clearly when he is done by throwing what food is left on the floor.

September 30, 2010

Joyride !

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Before we figure out how to stand and walk we want to figure out how to climb and ride Cezanne’s scooter. Lanelle gave in and helped the boy onto the scooter for a little ride around the hallway. This was a great treat and Etienne loved it – we just hope it prompts him to learn to stand and walk sooner…

September 14, 2010

A real boy !

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Etienne is a real boy. He is discovering a love for cars and trucks and anything with an engine or motor that makes a noise. If he can bash and bang on something he is very happy !

September 8, 2010

Can’t Stand or Walk, but Climbs like a…

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Little Etienne is still not quite ready to stand on his own or take a step towards walking, but just give him a chance to climb something and he is all over it ! While I was trying to take Cezanne’s Meet the Teacher photos he joined us outside and quickly climbed the slide.


July 30, 2010

Etienne figures out crawling !

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With no direct help or input the little guy just got up on his knees and started crawling. I suspect that blisters and calluses that formed on his feet and toes from the odd scoot he had been using to get around got to him. We were so surprised and he has now been doing it regularly, no looking back now…

He has also decided that he likes to climb the stairs.

The other day he climbed his way from the basement to the 2nd floor stopping to catch his breath on each floor and landing. His forward and upward motion is great and the only risk of falling down is when he stops and looks around.

The next few months are going to be interesting….

May 26, 2010

If you’re happy and you know it…

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Etienne is a very happy boy. He only complains about two things, hunger and then to a lesser degree when he is dirty. Feed the boy after a nap and a clean diaper and this is what you are in for. Smiles and gurgles and giggles just come bubbling out of this little monster.

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