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July 25, 2010

9 month stats

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Etienne joined his big sister at the doctor today for his 9 month checkup and she got her 4 year old checkup.

Etienne’s stats were :

Length : 30 3/4 inches

Weight : 25lbs 10oz

Head Circumference : 18 1/4 inches

These stats put him in the 100% for height and weight. The doctor is happy and says he is basically the size of an 18 month old at this stage. We can certainly confirm that since he is wearing 18-24 month clothes. The dude is a little giant and weighs a ton !

February 12, 2010

Brave Boy – No Tears

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Our well visit follow-up and 2 shots ( DTP & HIB ) and the little dude did so well not shedding a tear until it was all over and he suddenly realized that he had been poked. What a champ. Mommy was on hand to quickly distract him before he could start crying. Good job !

January 25, 2010

4 Months Old but 7 Months Big

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A well visit turned into a sick visit for Etienne as he picked up some kind of an infection. His ears and his rash and a cough and runny nose. So the sick visit left us with just measurements and no shots.

Height\Length : 27 inches

Weight : 19 lbs

Head Circumference : 17 inches

These stats put the boy in the 97 % for height and weight – the doctor commented that he is measuring around the average for a 7 month old.

November 23, 2009

Can it be, 2 months already…

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We have made it through the first 2 months and Etienne is growing at an incredible rate. We went to the doctor for his check up and his measurements are as follows:

Length : 24.5 inches

Weight : 14lbs 6oz

When we checked Cezanne’s blog she reached these measurements at her 4 month checkup, so Etienne is at least double her size or growing twice as fast. Now it may be because he is a boy, or because he started out a few ounces ahead of Cezanne, or because he just seems to not have had the eating issues that Cezanne had in the beginning. He has to eat every three or four hours and will often fit in a snack between feeds if he can. At this stage Cezanne had already dropped her middle of the night feeding and was sleeping through the night, Etienne is not there yet…

The doctor says he is happy with Etienne’s progress and he appears to be very healthy being in the 95% for both weight and height.

October 23, 2009

Gasman’s Doctor Visit

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Etienne is a gas factory – as you all know gas / air in the body can come out one of two exits. Etienne has a really hard time getting his gas to the exists and often it can take a hour or more after feeding him to get all the bubbles and gas out so he can get back to sleeping. If he catches wind midway through a bottle or breast the feeding comes to a halt and the unwelcome wind needs to first be forcefully expelled.

Etienne also has developed a keen manipulation strategy, he seems to have the ability to start and stop hiccups on demand. Typically if he is not wrapped up nice and warm he will hiccup due to a chill in the air, but then when he is wrapped up and under a second blanket in his basket, he will start hiccups just to get attention and persuade somebody to pick him up and hold him. He does love to be held…

Well now that he is a month old it was time for a checkup at the Doctor.

His stats are as follows :

Weight : 11lbs 10oz ( up from 9lbs 8oz at birth )

Length : 23 inches ( up from 21 inches at birth )

Lanelle went back to Cezanne’s stats – she was at these milestones at 2 months – guess he is going to be her big little brother 😉

October 2, 2009

Weight Gain

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Just a quick note – went to the Doctor for the 1 week checkup and the little guy did really well.

He has gained weight and the Doctor was so impressed we only need to see him again at the 1 month checkup. What a difference from Cezanne who did not eat well and forced us to see the doctor multiple times a week for the first few weeks…

Etienne now weighs 9lbs 12oz !

September 26, 2009

The Yellow Man

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We called the doctor this morning to make Etienne’s first appointment with the pediatrician but after a discussion about his color again, decided to call back to ask if we could bring him in for a check up since the nurse at the hospital said we should just monitor his color. Turns out we were not crazy, he was a little Jaundice and we were instructed to take him back to the hospital for a blood test. The little guy did well, crying when then drew the 5 drops of blood from his heel, but a little soothing from Mommy and he was all better.

When we got home the doctor called to let us know that test results showed that he was within the acceptable range and that we need not worry but that we should come back to the office later next week for a weight check. His stats from the doctor visit were 9lbs 3oz ( same weight he left the hospital ) and he grew 1/4 of an inch since birth !

Later Etienne and Cezanne got some face time with Mommy – see below 🙂


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