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September 28, 2012

Blame Mothers & Sisters !

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Etienne, you don’t know what you are doing…
I blame your mother and your sister for this set of photos !

They are unfortunately too cute not to share, but I have to just shake my head – why ?

Apparently Cezanne and Etienne were playing dress up and in this house we are very low on any real boy dress up stuff just because we had Cezanne and she loved it and Etienne has never really shown much interest, except today, when he had to be part of the game…


September 22, 2012

Actually 3 !

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The big day arrived and our little giant finally turned 3, only 3, yes he is the size of a 5 year old according to the doctor and he seems to comprehend at the level of a 4 year old, but he is still just 3 years old.



With him now in school the changes and growth are going to be exponential and Lanelle is going to have her hands full trying to keep him stimulated, interested and out of trouble !!

September 21, 2012

Celebrating the big 3 !

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Etienne finally turned 3 ! Well he would on September 22, but a day early and with Mommy helping out in the class we just had to celebrate the big day. Lanelle took in cup cakes for all the friends and we even got a candle and a song ! Happy Birthday !

September 15, 2012

Helicopter Halloween

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Etienne was finally at an age this year where we could ask him what he might want to be for Halloween and he could actually give us an answer, quite a few actually so we needed to provide some help and guidance. It did help that we ran into a nice collection of choices and of all the stereotypes we found that the “fighter pilot” looks the most unique. Since Etienne loves helicopters we just decided that this was a helicopter pilots costume and so he is now all set !

September 9, 2012

Blue Sky, Blue Sea

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We took the kids to Sausalito just north of San Francisco so that we could ride the ferry boat that connects Sausalito and San Francisco. It was a clear blue sky day and we all had a great time. Etienne loved the big boat and being outside. Just another fun day out and about !

September 5, 2012

Etienne’s 1st Day @ SLP

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Today ( Sept 5th, 2012 ) we took Etienne to his first day at SLP ( Shining Light Preschool ).

We setup the same poses that we had Cezanne do for us, well the frame with the details and asked him to pose for us.


He was very excited to be going to school. All I can say is that his teacher better be on her toes… Here comes big trouble !


Etienne at the end of the day with his new SLP t-shirt. He even got his very own bible from his teacher. ( SLP is at a local church and is a Christian based education – we like this !! )

September 1, 2012

No more dummy !

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Etienne finally kicked the habit ! He gave up his dummy and as a reward the Dummy Fairy brought him a great big fire truck !

We had been through the list of what we might do to encourage him to give up the dummy, we thought it was going to be a fight, in the end he pretty much just gave it up on his own and the reward from the Dummy Fairy was just a nice little treat for something he had already done ! Thanks for making it so easy Etienne !

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