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August 30, 2012

My sister is crazy, so am I !

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Lanelle spend the afternoon playing outside with the kids. She made bubble mix and blew them bubbles. This got them so worked up I think it made them crazy !

Cezanne and Etienne were eventually doing all sorts of martial arts moves – no idea where they got them from or what was going through their little heads… Crazy I tell you. Luckily they are very sweet when they want to be, we’ll keep them despite the craziness…

August 9, 2012

Etienne can swim ?

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After a couple of lessons during the summer, Etienne is now pretty sure he can swim, with and without his green arm bands. He likes the “wings” because he can just float but if you take them off then he can dive and boy does he love to dive… He has NO FEAR of the water and with his new goggles he is aqua-man !


The boy is a fish, or is the fish a boy ? Hard to tell when he is in water !


We tried to get some sunsets over the desert photos but there was so much swimming we just never got around to it. The one night we tried the local state park had already closed so all we could manage was these photos along the road side…

August 8, 2012

Arizona Aquarium

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While on vacation in Arizona we had to escape the heat during the middle of each day. On one of these days we went to a local mall to see the aquarium that was part of the mall. Etienne found the fish and other sea life very interesting.


Lanelle and the kids in various poses around the aquarium.


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