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July 20, 2012

Traffic Jam

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Lanelle took these while Etienne was playing with all his cars at once. He created a “traffic jam” and then I think the green truck was jumping over all the cars in the traffic jam ??

July 18, 2012

Professional Photo Shoot

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Celeste bought us a photo shoot for Christmas and we finally got around to getting is scheduled and the weather played along. These photos were all taken by Dinno Kovic ( ) and I have to say he got some really amazing photos. The kids played along and we had such an easy co-operative shoot. Thanks kids !!

Dinno took a lot more and there really were so many good ones we decided to buy them all. These are just a few of the lot – the rest are all on the SmugMug site under July 2012…




July 13, 2012

Bodega Bay Camping

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We booked a camp site for the middle of summer in order to be sure the weather would be perfect for camping…

What we ended up with was the coldest and windiest campsite in California ! Camping on the beach in Bodega Bay is not for those of us who were expecting hot summer days.

We arrived to an already windy evening and trying to erect our massive 10 person tent was a challenge – tent poles bent but we got it up and then proceeded to put all our gear inside the tent in the hope that doing so would ensure that our test did not just blow away. If I could I might have parked the car in the test just to be sure !


What made this trip special was that we invited friends to join us. Liam ( Etienne’s best friend ) and his family shared the site with us and the kids loved this !

Etienne and Liam ran around and explored the campsite.


Etienne started climbing the trees and then Colin created a rope climbing bridge for the kids to play on. This was a lot of fun for them before we headed to the beach in search of some sun and possibly some heat. It was warmer on the beach but ass you can tell not much – the kids played near the water but did not get wet and they kept longs tops on to fend off the cold winds that refused to die down.


Etienne played with Liam’s big truck and buckets and drove the truck up and down the beach at Bodega Bay.

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