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June 24, 2012

A Tiger @ Church Camp

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We were invited to join Celeste and Frederik at their annual summer church camp and were made to feel very welcome. Cezanne got to shoot bow and arrow again and Etienne turned into a tiger thanks to a lady who was practicing her face painting skills. After church and a great lunch we walked down to the beach on the lake where Etienne found some beach toys and got stuck into landscaping the waterfront.

June 22, 2012

Water + Speed = Happiness

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Uncle Frederik took us all out on his boat and while it was a bit of a challenge finding life jackets for the kids we were successful and therefore could go out on the lake.


Etienne loves water as we know and he loves going fast, put them together and he was in heaven.


High speed happiness !

War of Water Balloons

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A lot of blowing and pouring and pinching and twisting and tying and you end up with a bucket and a bowl of water balloons.
A few minutes later and you end up with four rather wet, rather exhausted war veterans that have just had about as much fun as you can buy with 25c 🙂
Thanks again to Uncle Frederik for grabbing the camera and taking these action shots for us. There are some really nice ones !

June 21, 2012

Ready for anything…

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Etienne is so much a boy we just had to show him the ATV and he was ready to take it out for a ride. This was really a big treat and thanks to Uncle Frederik we got to go for a ride out in the bush through mud and muck ! This was totally cool and Etienne thought he was in control all the way, only right at the end did he realize I had been holding and steering and then he kept taking my hands off the handle bars – “I do it myself” set in and I had to fight for control with all my might – the little boy is very strong…



We then went to have a bit of a play at the beach house on the lake which belongs to friends of Celeste and Frederik. The kids love this place – the lake is calm and warm and the beach is clean and there is a bucket of beach toys to play with. We spent the afternoon and evening on the beach and I took a few last photos of the day just as the sun dipped into the lake.

June 19, 2012

I Golf !

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Cezanne and Etienne did not want to miss out on what ever this “Golf” thing was – I know they both had some idea that golf involved sticks and balls and hitting but I think that is about as far as it went. They had to warm up on the first tee and get into character for this round with their God parents and Dad.


Etienne took to the golf cart like a pro ! Aunty Celeste just had to provide her lap as a booster seat and he was on his way !


Golf is hard work and so we had to stop for a snack and then more driving and finally some performing with Cezanne.

All in all they were both very well behaved.

June 17, 2012

Hot Tub Happiness

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Summer Vacation ! A trip up North to Celeste and Frederik and what better way to wash away the stress of the travel than to hot tub !


June 10, 2012

SLO Day 2 (San Luis Obispo)

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Day 2 of our weekend in SLO was beach day ! Don’t ask me where this dude’s pants are, he does not seem to be missing them.

He REALLY loves the ocean and gets so excited for each and every wave.

One wave finally surprised him when he bent down to rinse his hands it caught him off guard !


After the beach and lunch and a nap we went to a petting zoo where the kids could feed the animals. Etienne loves animals so this was a big treat for him. He fed goats, pigs, a llama and even tried to feed the rooster.


Etienne ( and Cezanne ) found Grant to be a real hoot ! Here “Mr Funny” makes both kids laugh out loud.

June 9, 2012

San Luis Obispo

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Good friends from long ago had a baby. We went to visit them at their home in San Luis Obispo (

Etienne found a stack of big boy toys ( Grant is 6 ) and was in heaven. In addition to the toys there were 3 other big boys there to play with !!

Friends from before kids came together to see the baby and just hang out for the weekend.

June 8, 2012

Cezanne’s Last Day

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Cezanne and Etienne pose before the start of Cezanne’s last day of kindergarten.

Etienne, Cezanne and Tom ( Etienne’s hero ).

Etienne on the playground !


Etienne running around with the big kids.

Playing on the playground he has become quite familiar with.


Chasing Cezanne with the big boys !

June 1, 2012

Lollipops Are Yum !

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Thanks to Lanelle for my instant ice lollipop maker. The kids sure did love testing it out. We made mixed fruit flavor lollipops and they were really yummy !

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