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September 30, 2011

Gator Gallop – Go Cezanne Go !

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Etienne had his weekly gymboree class this week at the same time as Cezanne’s Gator Gallop ( a fun run fund raiser for her school ). I ended up taking an hour or so off to take Etienne to his class so that Lanelle could cheer for Cezanne.┬áLanelle is now one of the 3 classroom mommies and had a hand in making the costumes so it was only fair that she be there, more on Cezanne’s blog when I get there…

While we did miss seeing Cezanne run, we got there to watch the class enjoy popsicles and Etienne enjoyed a bottle of water.

September 28, 2011

Playing Outside

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Etienne really enjoys playing outside – really !! Here are just a few photos from a random afternoon playing outside on the grass running up and down and then moving around to the new concrete side yard where the sand and water table have been moved to in order to try keep the mess off the main patio – yeah nice idea but really that sand is everywhere ! They do love the side yard though – it is all just for them and so was well worth the effort !

September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Etienne !

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Etienne opening gifts – Trains, Trucks and a Trike !
Etienne “reading” the birthday card that Cezanne made him.
Etienne doing a little drawing during the day.
Blowing the candle and celebrating being two ! Hooray !

We celebrated Etienne’s birthday today. He is now 2 and a real little boy. I think his big sister has a lot to do with just how big he is, not physically ( which he is ) but in other ways. He has learned to sing and dance; play all sorts of made up games; cook at the outdoor kitchen; ride bikes, trikes and scooters; and yet he has also found his own “style”.

It is hard to imagine life before Etienne, much like it was hard to imagine life before Cezanne. He is a busy little guy, always up to something. He has his two year appointment on Monday and we’ll post the stats once we have them.

Happy Birthday my BIG little boy !!

September 17, 2011

Mischief & $15 to Happiness

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During the late afternoons we leave the back door open and the kids can come and go as they please. What we need to be aware of is when the constant noise that they make dies down to that ominous quiet, when it does you know they are up to something.


When one of us needs to ask where is { insert child’s name here } then you know they are doing something they shouldn’t…

In this case I found what had been a clean, fully dressed Etienne playing in their “water bucket”. Playing with the water was just not enough, he had to be in the water… After a change and a wipe down with one of the towels that is now permanently on had near the back door, he rushed off to play cars on his new mat ( IKEA $15 ) with his wonderful big sister. We did at least manage to get a fresh, dry diaper on the boy before his escape.


September 14, 2011

Playing with Foam

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Come see Dad | Etienne “all wet” | Ta da !!!
Working with foam, pause, back to work !

With one child now in school each and every day of the “work week” we find that Etienne needs to be kept busy. His sister had been filling that role but now this falls to the mother to do. Etienne is lucky to have a mother that loves him and get him fun things to do. In this case a simple bucket of water with dish soap turns into a foam party.

I was working in my study and Etienne called me to come and see. When he shows you something now we does so with a “ta da” and arms in the air…

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