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August 31, 2011

I do art…

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Lanelle set Etienne up to do some art while Cezanne was at school. He really gets into his colors ! I am just not sure these photos were to show Etienne drawing or to show the magic trick involving the cap for that purple marker… I guess there are only 2 photos because that is all Lanelle could take before she had to put the camera down to fish the cap out of Etienne’s mouth…

August 27, 2011


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Hello All,

Finally I am getting around to updating the blogs. For those of you who do not know, we moved from Naperville, IL to Dublin, CA and are just now getting settled in our new home. This move happened rather quickly due to a job change that was really a long time coming. From the blog posts it may not appear that this was going on, but we have been packing up and moving out and then living in limbo then moving in and packing out and settling down all since Dec 2010. The dust has finally settled enough for me to spend an evening sifting through all the photos for the last few months.

I am going to do what I do when ever I catch up and that is to work forward from where I left off last so please enjoy as I try to bring you up to speed.

Ok, excuses out the way, on we go…

August 26, 2011

More Train Fun – Thanks Jeffrey

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We had a little phonics train – we bought it at the Naperville yard-sale for like $5, but it was not in great condition and after Cezanne had played with it along with all the other kids that we shared it with it was really not in great shape by the time Etienne was now ready to play with it. Turns out that Jeffrey had the same train and it was looked after very carefully and was in such great condition that when it was handed down it was done so in its original box ( I even think the original gift receipt was still attached to the box ! )

Long story – but here are the photos to prove just how much joy this hand me down has brought Etienne, we can only hope that our donated set brings somebody else as much joy !


August 22, 2011

Cezanne Starts School – Etienne What Now ?

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Today was a milestone day for Cezanne and Etienne had his whole world turned upside down… His sister, his playmate, his buddy, his pal was now whisked off to school each and every morning… Oh well, he now gets to go for a morning walk to a place with lots of kids and a playground and then gets to do more walking / strollering and when he is returned home, he has sole access to all the toys. I think he will be just fine 😉

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