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July 26, 2011

Tea with Sister

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Lanelle caught the kids having tea on the patio today. Please notice the clear blue Californian summer sky in the background… We are looking for all the reasons we made this crazy move… So far it has been a rough ride ( yeah I know it seems like everything just went like butter but for us it has been quite a ride ).

Please also notice the expansive grassy backyard that we acquired – I had no idea that a backyard came at such a premium here in California – we really have been blessed to find and get this house – now we just need to make it our home…



July 24, 2011

Christmas in July !

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We bought a really neat train table for the kids at Christmas time but after hearing that it required a 2 – 4 hour build time and knowing we were moving we left it in the box and figured it would be a nice new toy for when we arrived in California. Well the stuff arrived and after a few weeks of sorting and making space we finally got around to building the train table. It was really not as bad as 2 – 4 hours in terms of building and the end result was exactly what we had hoped for – both kids love the table and play with it almost every day !



The silly posed photos with the kids showing off their trains !

July 18, 2011

Yay ! Our Stuff Arrived ! Toys Unpacked !

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Finally our stuff arrived and one of the first things that had to be unpacked was the vast collection of toys – trust me the word vast is an understatement – I think we have enough toys to open a day care. These kids don’t know how spoilt they are ! We do try point this out to them any chance we get, but we also realize that we are enablers in this – we’ll try to do better, we’ll try…

July 4, 2011

4th of July – California

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We had a couple of days in┬áthe new house behind us and then it was 4th of July and the big question was where we could go to watch fireworks. Each city seems to have their own laws about fireworks, some do not allow them at all, some will allow the sale of fireworks but not the use of fireworks, while others seem to have no rules – so rather than take a chance any buy and use we figured we would let somebody else take on the task of entertaining us this 4th of July. We had to dress for the occasion – all red, white and blue and once the kids were dressed the mother needed to get herself ready so I had the kids wait for her. This was easy for all of about 3 minutes, I even have pictures to prove they say still and did wait.


Then things got silly and Cezanne and Etienne started running around and doing gymnastics in the vacant space in our living room. Etienne has become quite good at copying Cezanne when she does her handstands and round offs.


Finally we had to pose for our annual 4th of July photo – I think we ended up taking 30 or 40 photos and none of them were really any good – trust me, this was the best of the lot !

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