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October 31, 2010

Super Etienne & Halloween

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Etienne was Superman for Halloween this year. He and his friend Megan teamed up to make sure Halloween was safe for everybody. As Superman and Super Girl the two scored more candy than their older siblings. I think the “cute” factor played a role…

After a long hard day of collecting candy a man likes to sit down and eat some boerewors, oh and knives and forks are for sissies, real men eat with their hands…

October 30, 2010

Halloween Party

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Etienne and Cezanne enjoyed the playgroup Halloween party again this year. They had pizza ( Etienne stole Callum’s pizza right off his plate ), candy and cupcakes. They played games and generally had a fantastic time !!

October 27, 2010

Etienne Starts Walking !

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Just a very quick post to mark the calendar, this weekend Etienne really figured out walking. He had been showing signs that he was ready but he really found his stride this weekend and was able to walk between objects that were 10 to 15 yards apart without falling. If he was on his way to something he could go even further ! I did try take some photos and will post those when I get a chance…

October 26, 2010

Clean Teeth Musketeer

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Etienne picks up everything from his big sister, the good and especially the bad, but in this case it was actually a good thing. We brush teeth after breakfast ( most mornings ) and although he should wait for help from Mom or Dad, if we are too slow he will help himself and get started without us.

You must first read the post on Cezanne’s blog to understand and appreciate the following – read : Cezanne Swordplay


Yet another thing he picked up from watching Cezanne. After she was done playing Musketeer with the monster decoration from Etienne’s party, he set up the game and played along trying to defeat the monster. A reminder to always be on your best behavior when you are with your young kids – they are watching you all the time and will pick up everything you do.

October 24, 2010

Professional Photo Shoot

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neilgatesphotoetienne01.jpg neilgatesphotoetienne02.jpg neilgatesphotoetienne05.jpg
neilgatesphotoetienne06.jpg neilgatesphotoetienne03.jpg neilgatesphotoetienne04.jpg

We had some professional photos taken of Etienne back in July (07/20/2010) and finally got the prints.

The above are the 6 we picked and are now framed and ready to be hung next to a similar set we took of Cezanne when she was around 9 months old. In many of the photos there are a lot of similarities between the two, I guess they both really do belong to us ! ūüėČ

Fall Festival

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The Fall Festival at the Morten Arboretum was enjoyed by all.

Etienne enjoyed being outside and even though it was not warm, the sun was shining and no jackets were needed. He played beanbag toss and toss the gourd into the bucket and watched as the bigger kids played a “catch the spider” game. He joined in as much as he could even going down the slide a few times with a little help.



At the end of the day everybody was worn out and while the girls went to the bathroom Etienne just had to try out the witches hat from Chloe’s costume… Even though it was really cool, Etienne decided that he is still not a hat kind of guy !

October 22, 2010

More help with the washing…

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After catching Etienne trying to climb into the washing basket he then continued to do it thinking that it was a great new game.


He then chased me down the hall and climbed onto me – we sat and posed for a few photos before attacking the camera. I finally distracted him with his new car that constantly¬†breaks-down¬†and needs repairs… This boy is so into cars, he loves loves loves cars. Vroom Vroom !!

October 17, 2010

Brookfield Zoo Fall Program

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We dressed Etienne as a cowboy for this costumed outing to the Brookfield Zoo. Megan and Chloe joined us as did the other playgroup. We had fun checking out all the other costumes and just playing while looking at the animals…


At lunch time we found a picnic table under the trees on the grass and the kids played in the leaves and chased away the pestering birds. Etienne and Megan watched as Cezanne and Chloe defended our picnic. Megan eventually joined in and the three girls ran around screaming.

Etienne who is just now starting to get the hang of walking tried a few more steps amongst the leaves…

October 15, 2010

Fall with Friends

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Fall Fun at Johansen’s Farm – the one photo I took before the camera battery died. Yes, I got an earful about that ūüėČ

More photos to come thanks to the rest of the playgroup. The kids had a ball at the petting zoo, Etienne loved all the animals, and gave the goats and sheep a good poke each time they stuck their faces through the bars to their pens. He also enjoyed his first hay ride and even got a pumpkin that his sister helped pick out.

October 14, 2010

More helpfulness…

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While trying to fold the washing today, Etienne decided to come and help. We have these bright green balls that are supposed to fluff the washing while it dries. Etienne does not think they belong in the dryer and has to remove them. They often end up deep in the dryer so on this occasion Etienne climbed inside the dryer to remove them. Photographic proof above.

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