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September 30, 2010

Joyride !

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Before we figure out how to stand and walk we want to figure out how to climb and ride Cezanne’s scooter. Lanelle gave in and helped the boy onto the scooter for a little ride around the hallway. This was a great treat and Etienne loved it – we just hope it prompts him to learn to stand and walk sooner…

Gate Inspector

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We now installed a gate at the bottom of the stairs to prevent Etienne from climbing them and he promptly climbed up on the gate and inspected it by pulling on it repeatedly while wailing at the top of his lungs. The gate installs with pressure mounts and I know he will soon be able to pull it out or will be able to figure out how to open it simply by watching us. Oh well, at least for now he is somewhat contained…

September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Etienne !!

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September 22, 2010 – Etienne Caelan Lambert turns 1 !!

I had to travel for work Monday & Tuesday but made it home late on Tuesday night so that I could be home for the big day ! We took Etienne to the toy store to see if he would pick out a birthday gift for himself. We showed him the big red Chuck the Truck and it was a keeper. Chuck also has a bunch of friend which we bought and Etienne now plays with his trucks and does seem to like anything with wheels !

September 19, 2010

Starting a Tradition – Apple Picking

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We decided to start a tradition by going apple picking again on the weekend prior to Etienne’s birthday. We went last year with Lanelle still very pregnant in the hope that the walking would prompt Etienne to make an appearance…

dsc_7200.JPG We were able to pick and eat the apples which Etienne thought was just fantastic. He ate a whole apple !

September 14, 2010

A real boy !

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Etienne is a real boy. He is discovering a love for cars and trucks and anything with an engine or motor that makes a noise. If he can bash and bang on something he is very happy !

September 8, 2010

Can’t Stand or Walk, but Climbs like a…

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Little Etienne is still not quite ready to stand on his own or take a step towards walking, but just give him a chance to climb something and he is all over it ! While I was trying to take Cezanne’s Meet the Teacher photos he joined us outside and quickly climbed the slide.


September 5, 2010

Beach House Vacation : August 28 – September 5

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I was trying to think of another title to this posing – something like “Fish Man Found !” or “Dude’s a Fish” or “At Home In Water” but since they all seem to fit perfectly I just went with the Beach House title and figured the pictures could speak for themselves. Etienne found water in the form of the pool at our vacation beach house down on Anna Maria Island in Florida. We started out very carefully – he would be wearing a life jacket and had a super large pool noodle which we held and followed him around in the pool. We discovered that he did not want or need to be held and was perfectly able to hang on to the noodle and scoot-kick his way around the pool. The dude is 11 months old, can’t stand or walk yet, but he can swim !!



Etienne would join Cezanne and I for a post breakfast swim and then take his nap but after his nap he was always eager to get back in the pool. Here is looks down from the balcony above.

Below are just more of the vacation photos taken in and around the pool as well as on the beach. Etienne loved the beach and felt he needed to taste each and every shell he could lay his hands on. We had to continually fish things out of his mouth. In one instance he found the brush for cleaning the grill and was playing with it in the pool – see his reaction when Lanelle took it away from him :-() !






img_0726.jpg  Clearly this little man is at home in the water and he holds on so firmly that eventually we could leave him to swim “freely” – see the final photo.

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