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July 30, 2010

Etienne figures out crawling !

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With no direct help or input the little guy just got up on his knees and started crawling. I suspect that blisters and calluses that formed on his feet and toes from the odd scoot he had been using to get around got to him. We were so surprised and he has now been doing it regularly, no looking back now…

He has also decided that he likes to climb the stairs.

The other day he climbed his way from the basement to the 2nd floor stopping to catch his breath on each floor and landing. His forward and upward motion is great and the only risk of falling down is when he stops and looks around.

The next few months are going to be interesting….

July 26, 2010

Where’s Etienne ?

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We are now on constant Etienne watch, he is so mobile and so quick that we can not leave him unattended for a second… When we did, this is what he got up to… We found the little man on his way upstairs…


July 25, 2010

9 month stats

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Etienne joined his big sister at the doctor today for his 9 month checkup and she got her 4 year old checkup.

Etienne’s stats were :

Length : 30 3/4 inches

Weight : 25lbs 10oz

Head Circumference : 18 1/4 inches

These stats put him in the 100% for height and weight. The doctor is happy and says he is basically the size of an 18 month old at this stage. We can certainly confirm that since he is wearing 18-24 month clothes. The dude is a little giant and weighs a ton !

July 24, 2010

Etienne Eats Chips

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It is clear that Etienne is what we call a “lekker beck”, he just loves the “sweet / tasty stuff”. I needed to keep him busy while I made his dinner so I gave him a few chips and he just loved them, eating everything I gave him.


July 15, 2010

My Donald Duck

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Etienne has noticed the stuffed toys in his room and while he has not come out and asked for any one in particular, he has used those blue eyes to extract at least his Disney Donald Duck out and down from the bookshelf. Here the total joy of getting what he wanted comes through !


July 11, 2010

I do what sister does…

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As he gets bigger the gap between Cezanne and Etienne grows a little smaller. Here the two sit and watch TV while having a snack. Mama was just out of the shot to catch Mr. “I have no fear and just climb down head first”.

I especially love the last shot where Etienne puts his hand on Cezanne’s shoulder, almost as if to say “Hey Sis, please pass the Pirate Booty snacks…”



July 10, 2010

My sister is my friend !

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Etienne and Cezanne playing “smack the glass door” one Saturday morning before Pee Wee Soccer ( for Cezanne ) and Swimming ( for Etienne and Daddy ). I am glad that they are beginning to understand that they are there for one another and hopefully real soon they will completely entertain one another.

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