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November 29, 2009

Looking Good w/ Big Sis

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Thanks to Grandma for the wonderful jersey and super cute doggie shoes, Etienne was looking extra fancy today.


November 25, 2009

What Lights Parade ?

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Doing things as a family is fun, but only when all members of the family want to take part or need to be there – in this case we did not need to take poor Etienne along for the frosty outdoor car seat camp out, which is really all the poor guy got to do, sit in his seat and try stay warm. Oh well, next year you can sit on my shoulders and have the best view in Naperville.


Big Boy Bath

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When you grow like a weed it does not take long to outgrow your baby bath and require a larger tub. Etienne, now almost hitting 16lbs has reached that point and so we called in the Duck – Cezanne loved this bath, but she could already sit when we introduced her to it…


November 23, 2009

Can it be, 2 months already…

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We have made it through the first 2 months and Etienne is growing at an incredible rate. We went to the doctor for his check up and his measurements are as follows:

Length : 24.5 inches

Weight : 14lbs 6oz

When we checked Cezanne’s blog she reached these measurements at her 4 month checkup, so Etienne is at least double her size or growing twice as fast. Now it may be because he is a boy, or because he started out a few ounces ahead of Cezanne, or because he just seems to not have had the eating issues that Cezanne had in the beginning. He has to eat every three or four hours and will often fit in a snack between feeds if he can. At this stage Cezanne had already dropped her middle of the night feeding and was sleeping through the night, Etienne is not there yet…

The doctor says he is happy with Etienne’s progress and he appears to be very healthy being in the 95% for both weight and height.

November 22, 2009

Photo Shoot

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We had some time to kill between dinner and bath time tonight and Mr. E was looking extra cute in an outfit we got as a baby gift from a friend so we took a few photos. For those of you with 2 or more kids you will probably be able to relate to the struggle we had trying to take a picture of just Etienne while Cezanne was in the same room. I hope all kids crave the spotlight like she does, because if not, then our fears that we have a little performer on our hands are getting worse… Just look at that – this is Etienne’s blog and she has some how managed to get me to post about her… See her blog for the photos she had us take of her just to make up for the photos we took of just him…

We took some video as well and I will upload that for your viewing pleasure in the near future…


November 7, 2009

On Dad’s Lap

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The little guy was feeling happy after eating and burping at breakfast, so much so that he even offered up a few smiles which I tried to capture…


November 5, 2009

Smiles and Gurgles

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Etienne is now gurgling and smiling in between feeding and sleeping which he does most of the time… This kids eats like crazy and seems to have black hole in his stomach.

Here are a few one handed snapshots I took while he sat with me during an all day conference call today…


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