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October 27, 2009

Hand-Eye Coordination

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While lying on his play mat, Etienne has started taking swings that the inflated ball that hangs down. We are not sure if there is any real purpose or if this is all just uncontrolled jerkiness that results in a successfully landed punch ? Who knows, who cares, he seems to enjoy the workout…


October 25, 2009

Trick or Trees – What ?

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In an effort to try keep Cezanne entertained and not let Etienne become an excuse to just stay home all the time we have tried to get out and do some of the fun things available to us. On this particular day we dressed in our Halloween costumes and headed over to the Morten Arboretum for their Trick of Trees festival. Etienne was a cowboy, in case you could not guess. I think he played the part really well.


October 23, 2009

Gasman’s Doctor Visit

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Etienne is a gas factory – as you all know gas / air in the body can come out one of two exits. Etienne has a really hard time getting his gas to the exists and often it can take a hour or more after feeding him to get all the bubbles and gas out so he can get back to sleeping. If he catches wind midway through a bottle or breast the feeding comes to a halt and the unwelcome wind needs to first be forcefully expelled.

Etienne also has developed a keen manipulation strategy, he seems to have the ability to start and stop hiccups on demand. Typically if he is not wrapped up nice and warm he will hiccup due to a chill in the air, but then when he is wrapped up and under a second blanket in his basket, he will start hiccups just to get attention and persuade somebody to pick him up and hold him. He does love to be held…

Well now that he is a month old it was time for a checkup at the Doctor.

His stats are as follows :

Weight : 11lbs 10oz ( up from 9lbs 8oz at birth )

Length : 23 inches ( up from 21 inches at birth )

Lanelle went back to Cezanne’s stats – she was at these milestones at 2 months – guess he is going to be her big little brother đŸ˜‰

October 22, 2009

Cool Dude – Man of the House

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While I was away Lanelle had to get up and get out with the 2 kids now – she did pretty well, even taking time to make sure Etienne was cool and stylish.

Lanelle took only 4 photos so this is the best of the “bunch”…


October 17, 2009

Birth – Announced !

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October 13, 2009

Photo Shoot

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In an effort to take a classy photo of the little guy for his birth announcement we help a “photo shoot”. Lanelle set up the scene and all I did was point  and shoot. We took over 100 photos and these were some of the better ones. Enjoy !

dsc_3067.JPG dsc_3071.JPG dsc_3074.JPG
dsc_3079.JPG dsc_3084.JPG dsc_3090.JPG
dsc_3098.JPG dsc_3124.JPG  

Personally, I like this one :


October 10, 2009

Halloween Party

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Since Cezanne is now part of the play group she is invited to their annual Halloween party. This year just to be efficient the group decided it would be Lanelle’s baby shower as well. The thing with a second baby’s baby shower is that you already have everything from baby number 1 and so rather than getting more of what you have, we elected to receive diapers. These are not the most exciting gifts, but we know that we will use every last one of them and it saves us from having to but something you can not live without.

Etienne dressed as a pirate thanks to one of the many “hand me down” costumes he got from friends.

dsc_2967.JPG dsc_2970.JPG dsc_2974.JPG
Ahoy Etienne Argh Matey ! Princess & Pirate
dsc_2996.JPG dsc_3001.JPG
Yo Ho Ho ! A pirates life for me !
When a pirate parties too hard…

Time with Dad & Cezanne

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Saturday morning after having been away for a few days this week I had to keep and eye on both kids at the same time. I found an easy solution, keep no eye on either kid…


October 5, 2009

Sponge Bath

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After a few days, beautiful baby Etienne began to stink a little… I guess from all the eating, spilling, pee & poo it was bound to happen…

While not yet officially allowed to have a bath due to the fact that his belly button had not yet fallen off, we none the less gave him a sponge bath being careful not to wet the sensitive belly area.


After the bath he again smelled the way babies should smell, clean !

October 2, 2009

Weight Gain

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Just a quick note – went to the Doctor for the 1 week checkup and the little guy did really well.

He has gained weight and the Doctor was so impressed we only need to see him again at the 1 month checkup. What a difference from Cezanne who did not eat well and forced us to see the doctor multiple times a week for the first few weeks…

Etienne now weighs 9lbs 12oz !

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